Houndstar Graphics Challenge | [1/7] Graphic novels | - Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughn.

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If you aren’t reading All-New X-Factor, (You should btw it’s amazing) this is basically the plot.

Which one is Quicksilver??? I’m guessing the rebel or the recluse

Well according to the poster. Quicksilver is the jock, the rebel is Gambit and the recluse is Danger (the beauty is Polaris and the brain is Cypher). I barely remember the movie, but I believe the jock’s main problem was meeting his father’s expectations or something in that vein. It’s kind of appropriate for Quicksilver :)

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Night Vale! All hail the glow cloud!

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startin the day with your eye liner like 


endin the day with your eye liner like 


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FrozenFairyTail!AU where Gray is Elsa, Natsu is Anna, Lucy is Kristoff and the whole movie would have lasted 30 minutes tops.

I have waaay too much free time

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"What can he say? ‘Gee! I’m not warping reality to make you fall in love with me’?

Young Avengers #7 (2013)

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Actual five year olds.

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